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About Cruz Fletcher

Cruz Fletcher is a dedicated and innovative professional currently working as a Research Scientist at Omnibrain Lab in San Francisco, California. He is responsible for researching and developing cutting-edge technologies that can be used to tackle emerging global challenges.

Cruz was born in the small town of Newcomb, Wisconsin where he developed an early affinity for science and technology. His parents encouraged his interests, sending him to summer camps and lectures at universities to further explore his passion. After graduating from high school, Cruz went on to get his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

During his time there, Cruz dedicated himself to learning all he could about computer systems and programming languages. After graduation, he took a job at Microsoft as a software developer where he worked for two years before pursuing an opportunity with Omnibrain Lab in 2011.

At Omnibrain Lab, Cruz has helped develop groundbreaking products such as autonomous robots capable of navigating complex environments without human guidance. He has also been integral in creating new technologies that have been used to create efficient energy sources out of renewable sources such as wind or solar power.

In addition to his research work at the lab, Cruz also works with local public schools on educational initiatives related to science and technology. He has given lectures on robotics and artificial intelligence at several high schools across the Bay Area and co-founded an after-school program that teaches coding skills to children and teenagers alike.

Cruz continues his work at Omnibrain Lab today while also exploring opportunities abroad; hoping that one day soon he can make a lasting impact on society through his research efforts. His enthusiasm for innovation remains strong and it shows through the success of each project he undertakes—a testament to the dedication he brings every day when walking into the lab doors.