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We transform your customer’s experience into added-value for your business with the latest digital technology

We are focused on improving the quality of service (QoS) with specific solutions based on the latest digital technology in order to transform your day-to-day business knowledge into new and more competitive strategies.

We help you, by transforming your customer’s purchasing experience into customer intelligence, to make a positive and direct impact on your business.

Clara Quero

Cristina Sáez

The meeting point between telecommunications and archeology is friendship

Meet Clara and Cristina, they founded Omni Brainlab

The story begins in a executive program, Clara comes from the field of archeology and had long wanted to find a new path. Friendship with Cristina, telecommunications engineer, came naturally to both have the same desire: improve the lives of others through the use of technology and the most innovative resources.

We love the learning process and going out of the comfort zone when you go beyond what you think you can do, you grow as a person, finding new ways to push ourselves. It is inspiring to learn from each other, especially because we are specialized in different areas, so we thought, let's work together to build a better solution.

For us it is important to spend more time trying to understand the problems than defending solutions. Therefore we prefer to think of 10 different ways to solve a problem to spend one month refining a solution. We like to look at our latest production and ask ourselves, what can we do better? We want to be sure of producing really excellent world-class products.

If you want to break the rules, you must first understand the basics, hence the need to build a team with the best professionals from many fields. In this process communication is very important when you work in a startup, because everything moves very fast, but we have to run around in the same direction. At Omni, we are proud to work every day to get it.

We use our cutting-edge technology and creativity to generate new, smart and differential solutions that transform your customer’s experience into added value for your business.

Our mission is to create tailor made solutions THAT benefit your business.

Our vision is to improve everybody´s LIFE experiences.

We are Omni

We are very passionate about our work. Brain and heart, the key for success.

Experts on transforming customer’s experience into added-value for your business.

OmniBrainLab, are a brain laboratory located in Spain. We are a specialized, and powerful company that loves to generate ideas and create solutions and products to improve your business.

Omni leads your retail marketing strategies into a new whole dimension from product design to new services and business models through digital technology.

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